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TOHGORO Reopening Special Exhibitions

TOHGORO Reopening Special Exhibitions

The venue: TOHGORO gallery
The date : ■11/10(sun)~12/4(wed) ●11/10(sun)~12/15(sun)
The time : 9am~6pm everyday

We are delighted to announce you that we open our new gallery spaces at TOHGORO gallery in Kyoto.
Our new gallery surely provides you our vision “Tradition and Modernity” and we hope this space will be one of the center places to spread ceramic culture both locally and globally.

To commemorate this reopening, we hold special three exhibitions featuring 7 ceramic artists in Kyoto. We believe you will enjoy exclusive art works and will be pleased to see your presence in the exhibition.

TOHGORO Reopening Special Exhibitions The venue: TOHGORO gallery

The ceramic presence by two emerging artist - 2019 - Autumn


We present contemporary art works by two ceramists from the same generation.
They are both promising young artists who will assume next generation of ceramic industry in Kyoto. We would like to keep supporting their future success.

Finest blue and white pottery by three generations of KITCHO (Oukoku-kiln).

To celebrate their 50th anniversary of the funding of Oukoku-kiln, we exhibit fine and elegant blue and white pottery made by three generations of Kitcho family.
You will be amazed by sophisticated and detailed hand crafts.

One of a kind arts and crafts


Among so many local craftsmen, we picked two ceramists who create fresh and unique style for everyday use. We are sure their crafts will entertain you and provide you a special moment in daily life.