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TOHGORO annual Exhibition
with 4 ceramic sculptors

Zenji Miyashita, Ryozo Shibata, Masaru Nishikawa, and Yuichi Ikai.
The venue : TOHGORO gallery
The date : 11/14(wed) ~ 12/6(thur)
The time : 9am ~ 6pm

TOHGORO gallery is pleased to present our annual exhibition.

Over the past few decades, we have been built up a close relationship with these leading artists not only in Kyoto but also overseas. Their individuality and rich variations have been nourished here in Kyoto.We believe that our mission is to continue promoting their talent and “beauty of pottery” to our audience inside and outside of Japan as Kiyomizu pottery speciality store.

We are excited to see how their works will harmonize with each other in this beautiful season in Kyoto. It is also surely a rare opportunity to present the works of the late Mr. Zenji Miyashita.

We will be pleased to see your presence in the exhibition.

Zenji Miyashita

Remarkable vessels with a harmony of color blending, using a saidei (colored clay).

Ryozo Shibata

Sometsuke (blue and white porcelain ware) with flower decoration, in which he combines his skill in traditional techniques with contemporary design and forms.

Masaru Nishikawa

Creative colorful sculptures that were inspired by animals

Yuichi Ikai

Distinctive emerald green color decoration using ash glaze and warm forum.