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You can communicate with us using e-mail, ZOOM, social media and online tools.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, it is difficult for us to travel around the world.
Before COVID-19 pandemic, many overseas travelers visited Kyoto, where we live.
Many people around the world love Kyoto, Japan.
Now it is difficult for us to meet the people of the world in person.

However, online tools allow you to communicate with us.
We currently communicate with overseas customers via email and Zoom.
We send images and videos of our products and works of potters.
Overseas customers can pay by international money transfer or credit card.
We can send your parcel by EMS or DHL.

This means that you can buy Japanese crafts from our store online, even remotely.

Hello foreigners.
I'm YOHEI AZAI, CEO of the pottery store “TOHGORO” in Kyoto.

Now, there are few people near Kiyomizu-temple, where our shop is located, and it's quiet every day. Until 2019, it was crowded with overseas tourists.
I hope the world will be restored soon.
I also hope to meet tourists from all over the world soon.

Now we can not go around the world.
However, online tools can help us communicate with you.
My English is poor, but I am grateful for the connection with you and will do my best to communicate.
I am looking forward to communicating with you. Thank you so much.

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Please feel free to contact us.
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